Holistic Performance Coach | Conscious Finance Officer | Creator of the H.E.A.R.T. Self Leadership Framework | Speaker & Facilitator.

With 17 years experience as a senior finance executive working internationally for global blue chip companies such as Twinings Tea, Pataks, GE & Coca Cola I’m an experienced pace setter in business turnaround environments and driving business performance by challenging the status quo.

My corporate experience established a melting pot for developing and observing change leadership, both in my own career and through other great leaders.

However, as I climbed the corporate ladder towards a CFO role I hadn’t acknowledged that I wasn’t doing work that I absolutely loved, it was only when my life was turned upside down in 2014 did I finally stop to reassess what I was doing.

I started following where my heart was leading and moved across the other side of the world not knowing anyone and then left a safe career in finance (after turning down a CFO role) to start my own business because the most meaningful return on investment I see is people achieving goals they never thought possible, doing things they love and making a greater impact as a result.

The H.E.A.R.T. self leadership framework was created in recognition of my own journey of self leadership (you can hear the story in the strategic hotbox podcast - link below).

I now work with business leaders and their teams to consciously connect to who they are, tap into what they want for themselves and help them lead purpose-driven lives, strategically transforming their challenges into truly sustainable performance and wealth, whether for their organisation or their career and their life.

Whilst my core focus of my work is working with female business leaders with Heart of Human, I also continue to coach and develop high performance finance executives and teams through my partnership with The Outperformer, a leading consultancy in the development of accounting and finance teams.

I’m also speaker on the topics of:

  • Change leadership through self leadership

  • Hope, Energy, Action, Resilience and Trust

  • What it means to live a life in alignment with your heart

  • Being more human at work

  • You are not enough until you decide you are


In these interviews you’ll hear my take on finding your purpose and why change leadership begins with self leadership.