SG004 - Make it happen

Note - this blogs follows SG002 - Every journey starts with a first step

Our bodies have a wonderful way of intuitively knowing what feels right, usually long before our conscious mind processes and rationalises with logic.  I've always been a big believer in signs and the view that, if you are open, the right sign will appear just when you need. 

I found myself in Geneva again, just over six months after my last visit, on a business trip.  My current gratitude journal was coming to an end so I took the opportunity to visit that beautiful stationery store again.  Having already had such a poignant sign guiding me the first time, surely it was too much to expect an equally strong sign to appear again? 

As I searched for a new journal I saw some of the same messages I had discovered in my last visit, but none of them resonated.  I looked over and over again searching for the right journal but alas it was not to be.  My heart didn't connect with any, and I felt like was trying too hard to 'feel' the right sign. 

As I was about to leave the store, feeling a little disheartened, the store assistant called me back, she had found a couple of journals behind the counter that had just been letter pressed. 

The sign for me....

I knew as soon as I saw it, I’d found the one.  It was a beautiful fuscia pink journal and had the words ‘Make it happen’ on the front.  

I knew it was the sign I’d been looking for, as I’d, only weeks before, made the decision to move to Australia.  I was lucky enough to be working for a global business that had interests in both Sydney and Melbourne.  Whilst it was not guaranteed that there would be a role available, that sign gave me the courage to find a way to make it happen.

You see I had made some decisions, I wanted to be welcoming the new year of 2016 in view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, so I had less than eleven months to make that a reality.

At first I was just overwhelmed with the idea of it all.  I’d been wanting to live and work in Australia since I first visited in 2003, there was something magical about Sydney in particular, I was just in absolute awe of the beauty of the city.  Even though my last visit was back in 2006 I knew it was a place I could see myself living.  But how was I going to make it happen?  I’d been wanting this for so long and had never before made it happen, so what was going to be different now?

I think the biggest difference this time was that I’d set my goal of being there by New Year’s Eve.  I had a hard deadline approaching fast, so it got me focussed on trying to find all the different ways that I could make that happen.

Finding the way....

My preferred route was transferring with the organisation I worked with but I knew there was no guarantee of a role being available.  My second option was to find a job externally from the UK, this would be tricky as I needed to find someone willing to sponsor me.  The third option was to apply for my skilled visa, using my accounting qualification, quit my job and then find a job when I got out to Australia.  Forth, was to take a sabbatical enjoy travelling for a little while and then try to network in order to find a job whilst on sabbatical.  The fifth option was just to book a flight and get myself over there on holiday for that time period.  Whilst this option wasn’t going to be the same as living in Australia it still meant I was achieving my goal of being there for New Year’s Eve!

What became clear to me, through identifying these options, was that I had several different ways to make my dream a reality and that I actually had every chance of succeeding in achieving it rather that it feeling like it was a dream too big to realise.

I had absolute clarity for the first time that I was going to make it happen and writing in that beautiful gratitude journal everyday was a constant reminder to continue to strive and believe in my ability to achieve anything I wanted.

Consider a dream you wish to realise, then make a list of all the different ways you could possibly achieve it.  Go crazy with your ideas, the outrageous the better!  We often focus on why something won't happen rather than why it could.  Get creative and trust that you have the answer within you, and once it's out of you, you'll find a way to 'Make it Happen'

What happened next....

I'd been working with the same organisation for over eight years and never once had there been an opportunity for me to work in Australia, yet only eight weeks later, through lots of connecting with people across my organisation and socialising my dream, the planets aligned and I was able to interview with the General Manager of one our Australian businesses, who just happened to be visiting London and looking for a Finance bod!  My focus and belief had paid off, less than six months later I found myself starting my new life in Sydney!      

I'm certainly not special and genuinely this opportunity did not come easy, but if can do it I absolutely believe, hand on heart, that you can too.  Go on, dare to dream big and 'Make it Happen'.