SG017 - Little by little, one travels far

That's exactly what Jean Beliveau a canadian man did in 2000 after going through a midlife crisis he embarked on a journey walking around the world to promote peace and nonviolence towards children, a journey that took him eleven years! 

Now many of us won't embark on such an extreme adventure but the message still applies 'little by little one travels far.'  Now I'm pretty sure that Jean Beliveau would not have been measuring his success in the achievement of arriving home but by the distance he travelled and the challenges he overcame on the journey itself.

Most of us measure our success by goal achievement, a medal won or task completed but rarely do we acknowledge the growth along the way.  This week's post is intended to serve as a reminder to pause and reflect on how far you've come.

This week I wanted to acknowledge my own growth and the journey I've been on.  Last week I was offered a role as a Chief Financial Officer a role that I'd wanted for some time but one that I actually ended up turning down for a number of reasons when I realised value equation didn't stack up.  Now this was one of the hardest decisions I've made but it made me realise how much I've changed, how much I've grown.  I wrote a post on freeing myself from Imposter Syndrome last week and this weeks post is my evidence.

There would have been a time that I'd have probably said yes to job even if the value equation wasn't quite right mainly because I didn't believe I was worthy or good enough.  I'd have told myself that I should be feeling incredibly grateful that someone was giving me an opportunity and taking a 'chance' on me and that I understood that I needed to prove myself to them before they acknowledged my true worth.

Self Confidence = No Self Doubt...

Whilst I am still incredibly grateful for the opportunity the difference is I am clearer on my worth and I see the value I have to bring.  I used to confuse self confidence with ego, I used to think those who thought highly of themselves had some inflated sense of self significance and were driven by their ego and if I'm honest perhaps some of those people I observed were but I'd say most weren't, they were just demonstrating something that I hadn't allowed myself to be and therefore I'd inadvertently been holding myself back as a result.

Self-confidence is mostly certainly not ego, it's very much about not doubting in your own abilities, this doesn't mean thinking you are amazing at everything but it's a real awareness of yourself and being assured of your own value.  I might not have a new job to go to but I'm certainly celebrating, little by little I've travelled far in fact I've travelled across the world to travel home to me and finally recognise all that I have to give!

I know the right role will come, getting clear on who I am and seeing myself clearly has been a necessary step to making sure that 1) I'm ready for the right role and that 2) I know how to spot it when it comes along.

Acknowledging this message also makes it easier for me to embark on other goals I've set myself. Recognising that taking steps, even little ones, means I'm getting closer and closer each day to achieving them.  When I pause and look back to see how far I've come it's incredible to see the distance I've covered and it gives me even more motivation to continue to forward.

And if I can do it so can you! How far have you travelled on your journey? What growth have you noticed in yourself? What goal haven't you taken a step towards because it seems too daunting? What little step could you take each day that will get you closer?  Do it!

Believe in yourself, I believe in you.

To your life wins, all my love.