SG056 - The Enemy Within

Beware of no man more than of yourself; we carry our worst enemies within us - Charles Spurgeon

When we think about trust we often think about trust in the context of others. Whether we trust them or they trust us.

How many of us ask if we trust ourselves?

How many of us affirm how good we are and actually believe it?

Living a full life and reaching our potential requires us to trust in ourselves.

To trust in our ability to find a way. To trust in the direction we are headed. To trust that our journey’s are unique and that each one of us has a difference to make in this world.

It’s really easy to look outside and focus on the trust which is given to and received from others. But it’s time to start focussing on the inside. It’s time to look within ourselves.

How quickly does your trust in yourself diminish?

What does it take to lose trust in yourself?

What does it take to build it back?

We have more to lose by not developing the ability to trust ourselves than we do by worrying about whether we can trust others.

The enemy within is way more dangerous than the enemy on the outside.

It can paralyse our ability to see clearly, it will keep us playing small and it will hold us back at every opportunity. It’s the killer of our dreams and it works slowly and carefully under the radar.

It’s time to address the enemy within, acknowledge it’s existence and start asking yourself what do you need to trust yourself more?

And then go do more of that.