SG057 - It's all in the mind

Change your mind change your life.

Easy to say and very hard to do.

This week a friend completed his 17th Ironman - Wow!

I am in awe of anyone that has completed a marathon let alone an Ironman and to have completed 17 gruelling events where your body is pushed to it’s limits says so much about his mental strength even more than it does his physical strength.

Our bodies are capable of so much more than we think and it’s usually our minds that give up long before our bodies do.

This week as I lifted weights in my body pump class I was feeling a little broken but when my instructor shouted out…

‘I know you have more in you and you all know it too, so stop lying to yourself and give it everything you have’,

…my mind hooked to her instruction ‘stop lying to yourself’ and got me focussed on pushing through those last few sets. I knew I had more in me.

It was interesting to see the extra strength that I had when only a few minutes earlier I was ready to give up.

Have you ever noticed how you can be feeling completely overwhelmed and then a conversation with someone can have you seeing things differently?

You can go from feeling hopeless to feeling hopeful in less than ten minutes!

Whilst nothing about the actual situation may be different it’s how you view it that’s changed.

I read a line this week (I forget where) which said…

‘we suffer more in our imagination than we do in reality’.

And I have to say I agree!

So much of the time what we worry about isn’t actually something that’s even happened, yet the reactions from our mind are as if it is already real. Our suffering becomes real even if the situation is not.

Our minds can’t distinguish between what is really happening and what is projected. It acts as if everything is real because it’s designed to keep you safe.

Knowing this, how can we tell our minds a new story about what is real?

I started this post with saying change your mind change your life.

Easy to say and very hard to do.

Or is it really?

Try it today, tell yourself a new narrative - one that empowers you rather than disempowers you.

One that has you creating a world you are excited to be part of.

What life would you create for yourself if you chose to believe that narrative instead?