SG058 - Sustaining Power

We are all running at a million miles an hour.

Always somewhere to be and something to do.

Often our focus is so far into the future that we forget to enjoy the present.

We know today is a gift yet often we give very little attention to it.

This week I presented to leaders at the Royal Botanical Gardens on Sustainable Performance through Self Leadership.

‘Sustainable’ - it’s a powerful word if you allow yourself to pause and reflect on what it really means to you.

It was an opportunity for them and myself to pause and reflect - to ask, what are we doing each day to sustain performance in ourselves and what do we need to help us?

Choosing one thing to give focus on what would you choose?

This week I’m choosing to give some focus to play - to have more lightness, more laughter and more fun.

There is always more to work to do and more to deliver but without work/life harmony the ability to sustain long term performance and progress is compromised.

I want sustaining power, do you?