SG055 - Beware of the shiny things

Now you might think this is going to be a blog about how easy it is for distractions get in the way and how you should stay focussed etc etc…..and it certainly could be, but it’s not what I’m going to talk about.

The line, ‘beware of the shiny objects’ is actually about staying true to your goals and having absolute confidence in your ability to achieve them.

Our world is filled with ‘experts’ willing to show us ‘how to’ for pretty much anything you could possibly want to know about. We see them on social media all the time - these ‘experts’ or so called ‘influencers’ have a wonderful way of creating the tension for the life you want vs. the one you have.

Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but you have to ask yourself why you are noticing them and what’s going on for you?

Is there a gap in your confidence levels that you are looking to close? Are you doubting yourself?

When we set ourselves big goals to achieve and the pressure is on, it’s really easy to start seeing everyone out there that seems to be doing it a whole lot better, it’s easy to start to question whether you’ve got what it takes.

When I started my business earlier this year I was given this advice and at the time I didn’t really understand what it meant and why it was important. But I have to say as the months have gone by I see clearly now how it was the best advice anyone could have given me.

So naturally I wanted to share.

At times it can be scary navigating new goals and it’s easy to find yourself looking at all the other people that are seemingly making it all look so easy.

The truth is it’s never easy and usually behind the scenes there is a hell of a lot blood, sweat and tears or in many cases there are plenty of things that look ‘shiny’ on the surface that turn out to be nothing precious after all.

If you find yourself in a state of overwhelm, or doubting your ability to succeed at what you set out to do or achieve, start paying attention - if you are being seduced by the shiny things, give yourself a chance to pause and connect to what is really going on.

If its a genuine desire to learn from the ‘expert’ improving your knowledge and skills towards your goals without fear being the motivator then go for it, but if it’s a filler for your insecurities stop and take stock.

In those moments you’ll see you don’t need the shiny things - you just need to stop, pause and remember to back yourself.

I know you’ve got this - and if you allow yourself to beware of the shiny things you’ll see things clearer and you’ll know that you’ve got what it takes too.

Onwards my friends.

P.S. You may have noticed the blog is out a day later than usual - I’ve been busy moving apartments this weekend and I’m still awaiting internet connection! One of these days Telstra might actually surprise me by delivering what they promise to!

Looking forward to the new inspiration a new environment brings! Have a great week!