SG062 - The power of perspective

What perspective would you need to give you the courage to try something new?

Today I ran my first ever half marathon, a challenge, only four months ago, I would never have considered myself doing.

My perspective had shifted after I had completed Sydney’s iconic City to Surf run in August, it was the first time I’d run 14km and it allowed me to believe that just maybe I could run a little further.

Over the last few weeks however, my training had been compromised with work commitments and I didn’t feel as ready as I perhaps did for the August race.

I kept delaying signing up as wasn’t 100% convinced that I would be ready, I wasn’t training enough.

As the final day for registration arrived this week I had to make a call - to sign up for the 10km; 21km (Half Marathon) or choose to not run.

I oddly felt compelled to sign up for the 21km even though I didn’t feel 100% confident I could run the whole race.

As race day arrived today I felt eerily calm, my last run was a full week ago and I’d only completed 8km!

I didn’t feel any nerves, I just had this belief that, no matter what, I was going to cross the finish line even if it meant crawling!

Thankfully I didn’t need to crawl to the end, I managed to run the whole way.

I wasn’t at all fast and the only record I broke was my own personal best in distance!

But I realised something had shifted in me.

I had a new perspective.

I realised I felt calm because I was already doing something that was significantly scarier!

I’d started my own business earlier this year!

It’s shifted my outlook on life and what it means to really live fully and have no questions marks on a life un-lived.

The new perspective allowed me to flow through the fear of failing to complete the half marathon and set it aside recognising that the courage comes from actually trying to do something new not just thinking about it.

Our perspective can be shifted by many things - perhaps with a change of environment, illness, relationships or work.

But ultimately it’s what we do with that perspective that counts.

What will your perspective give you the courage to do?