SG065 - What will you get in 2019?

Start with the end in mind.

It’s that time of the year that many of us find ourselves reflecting on the year gone by and looking forward to the year ahead.

As I reflect on this year I understand that everything I experienced was directly attributable to my state of mind.

When I didn’t achieve certain goals I know I can relate it directly to the fears and reservations I had in my own mind about my own abilities to make things happen.

Whilst I’ve achieved a huge amount this year I know I’d like 2019 to be better!

There are many obstacles that appear in our way to achieve things we aspire to but I know I don’t want to be the obstacle in my own way!

So I thought I’d share a little coaching model that I’ll be applying to my 2019 something that may help you start your 2019 with more gusto!

It’s pretty simple….

Four words in fact


The basic premise is that your thoughts or perspective (SEE)

influence your feelings (BE)

determine your action (DO)

to produce a result (GET)

in alignment with them.

Makes sense right?

And if you are not convinced about this, why not pick an outcome that you had last year and retro fit this model and illuminate for yourself how powerful this model is - you’ll see the negative and positive patterns I’m sure of it!

So when it comes to the application of it lets start with the end in mind.

I’ll pick an easy example to illustrate….

1. What result/outcome do you want? What do you want to GET?

e.g. A promotion by end of May.

For the moment lets skip DO.

2. Ask yourself “How would I need to BE to even have a chance of getting that result?”

e.g. Confident, Disciplined, Outspoken, Willing…..

Often this will be the opposite of what you have been doing in the past trying to achieve the same result.

3. Ask yourself “What new thought, point of view or perspective would I need to SEE to naturally allow me to BE the way that I have chosen to BE?”

e.g. That I am capable; I have what it takes; I’m open to trying and learning regardless of what people think; I see that the promotion would be my natural next step.

This can be tough if your mindset is fixed on the opposite but the key here is to choose statements that are aligned to what you want not statements opposing it.

Finally back to DO,

4. What new action would you need to take/DO to produce your result now that you are SEEing and BEing in a new way.

e.g. Communicate my vision to others that can help me; identify my skills gap by getting feedback from those that are supportive yet also objective; put myself forward for the promotion when previously I may have hesitated etc…

Now just because this model is simple and I’ve used a very straight forward example to illustrate don’t underestimate it’s power!

Give it a go, practice using it consistently and see for yourself what unfolds in 2019.

I’ll look forward to sharing my results with you - hope you’ll share yours!

Cheers to the magic!