SG067 - Can't run on empty

If you’ve every tried to drive a car without any fuel you’ll know you won’t get very far.

Yet when it comes to ourselves how many of us try and run on empty?

How many of us understand why we are depleted and learn what is needed to re-fuel?

How many of us have noticed we have a fuel leak that needs addressing before we lose power?

When I think fuel - I think energy.

Energy in four key areas - Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual

Physical - Am I looking after my body, my health? Do I rest enough?

Emotional - Do I understand why I’m feeling the way I do? Do I know what I need to change to feel better? Do I have the right people/support around me?

Mental - Are my thoughts, attitudes and judgments empowering me or disempowering? Whose voice am I hearing the most - the inner critic or the inner coach?

Spiritual - Do I feel connected to what I doing? Am I living purposefully? What would need to change to give me a great sense of meaning?

Many questions yes, and many more that could be asked under these areas too.

When it comes to diagnosing where we are depleted its important to ask.

As we head into the New Year - give yourself some time for a fuel check.

Your goals and dreams can only be achieved if you have the fuel to go after them.

Seek to understand where you might be leaking fuel and don’t let it go unattended.

Remember you can’t run on empty.