SG064 - Birthday Love

Is it just me or does everyone feel different on their birthday?

Waking up feeling lighter, somehow different and maybe even special.

I celebrated my birthday on Dec 4th, and whilst it’s probably not the case for you, it’s the one day of the year that seems to be over much faster than any other day!

I always want to eek out every last moment of specialness knowing that the following day I’ll be back to feeling ordinary again!

I love birthdays for the warmth and for the love I feel in each and every birthday message.

Thanks to facebook I love hearing from people that aren’t in my day to day life, I feel connected just with a simple birthday acknowledgement.

It was just another day but somehow it wasn’t - it was different - I felt seen, I felt loved and I felt part of something. It’s the one day of the year that collectively people acknowledge your aliveness and I wonder whether that’s why the energy feels so different - there is strength and power in it.

The invisible connection between all of us is so much more palpable on that day.

It got me thinking about how much I wanted to have others experience that special feeling everyday and how I could contribute to making that happen.

Being so present to the feeling of love on my birthday helped me really see that I wanted more people to feel a connection to themselves and to others; to know that whatever is going on in their lives that they belong, they have a reason for being and that they are loved.

I’d like to start movement of sorts - a community project, one that helps people feel seen and loved for who they are, as they are.

I’m not 100% what it will look like at the moment but I know it’s necessary. Too many people don’t feel safe to be themselves, to be seen or to be loved.

This weeks blog is simply a dedication to you.

To say thank you and that I love you.

I don’t have to know you to sincerely feel that.

If you are interested in exploring what this movement/community project could look like with me and you are willing to help bring it to life let me know I’ll look forward to hearing from you.