SG019 - When is the time to live your truth?

What if I said you had five seconds to make a choice between living the life you currently have or living a different life? If I told you that once you made that choice there would be no going back, no changing your mind, no choosing again, what would you choose?

If you chose option one, is it because you are content with the life you have and how you live it? Or is option two too scary?

If you chose option two, what would you want to be different? Did it feel right instinctively choosing a different life?  If so, what is holding you back from having it?

This week I was granted my permanent residency (PR) for Australia, a process I had initiated in September 2016, it's been a long wait, so when it came through I was absolutely ecstatic! My dream come true.  As the reality of that achievement set in it got me wondering what now?

I'd spent the last twelve months looking for the right Finance Director/CFO role for me.  Whilst I've networked like crazy and received incredibly positive feedback the biggest barrier to landing a new role was the absence of permanent residency.  Requiring sponsorship made me very unattractive in a highly competitive environment.

So, when my permanent residency was granted on Thursday I thought I'd be jumping at the chance to let my recruiter network know, but I wasn't and so it got me wondering why?

My realisation...

As I sat with that question more and more something in my gut didn't feel right.  I'd been given a free pass to live my life without restrictions in Australia and the thought of using that pass to land a CFO role didn't excite me.  I really wanted to feel the joy inside at the thought of a new finance role in the CBD now being open to me, but I didn't. 

I mentioned in a previous post, I'd recently turned down an offer of CFO role because the value equation didn't stack up, as I reflect on that now I believe I was grateful for that being the case, I believe in my heart I knew it was time for me to pursue a career out of finance and the universe made it easy by giving me a reason to turn it down. 

The more I thought about applying for roles the more I realised it wasn't me, that I wasn't living my truth.

It's scary acknowledging out loud that I believe I have run my course in finance, but what now? what do I choose instead?

I heard this quote earlier this week and again I feel that the universe has sent me a beautiful sign.

"You have to know what sparks the light in you, so that you in your own way, can illuminate the world." Oprah Winfrey

I know right now finance in a corporate environment is not sparking the light in me, I do what I do incredibly well but my heart isn't in the driving seat.  So I've made a decision and it's a scary one and I don't yet know what is next and how I get there, but I have decided that I must live my truth it's the only way to live.  

My truth is that I choose a different path, one that is scary, unknown and one I'm unsure I will succeed at navigating but I do know one thing if I continue to live as I am, the life I currently live is not enough, it's not my truth.

So when is the time to live your truth? What would you do if you could choose? What if I was to tell you that you can choose? You can choose to start living your truth right now.  Make a decision, take that first right step.  Find what sparks the light in you so that you, in your own way can illuminate the world. 

I'm embarking on that journey, will you join me?

To Living Your Truth Always