SG020 - What would your GOAT be?

Now this is not really a question I've asked myself before but when my twelve year buddy Jack shared his GOAT I have to say I was pretty impressed...

You see my buddy Jack has mapped out what his GOAT is and it's something that he's planning to be working towards for the next twenty years!

Now you maybe wondering what the hell we are talking about here and I won't blame you! I certainly wasn't enlightened until Jack was kind enough to show me too.

So, GOAT is actually an acronym for GREATEST OF ALL TIME!  And I discovered Jack's dream is to be the great of all time professional footballer - how awesome is that!

His GOAT is clear and he's mapped out annual goals that he needs to achieve each year for the next twenty years to keep him on track towards achieving ultimate GOAT status!

I was blown away, this beautiful boy has vision and clarity of his dreams and not only that, he's clear that he needs to work hard to achieve them.  So much so that he's even enlisted his grandma to help keep him accountable! Amazing!    

As I navigate my own change of direction with my career Jack has inspired me to think big and think about my GOAT dreams.

I know it's all about living my truth and connecting to my passions.  Doing what I do from my heart and with love.  As I allow myself to dream I know my deepest passion is to inspire people to unwrap themselves and give the world the most valuable gift ever, the gift of who they truly are.

My GOAT is to live my truth, fear not shame because it's my courage that inspires, to follow the advice I give others and work each day with humility to be the Greatest Of All Time Glin.

Time to get my GOAT map down on paper and take action!

What would your GOAT be?