SG021 - Manifesting the magic

If you read last week's post you'll have spent time figuring out what your GOAT is - this week is all about how we are going to manifest the magic and get you closer to your GOAT.

How to manifest the magic in six steps:

1.  Set your intention - declare what you want to the universe.  You have permission to be as outrageous as you like with this step.  For me this is really the step that connects me to my 'why?' by that I mean my purpose.  Last week I shared that my deepest passion is to inspire people to unwrap themselves and give the world the most valuable gift ever, the gift of who they truly are.  So that's my intention.  Remember I'm doing this with you too so I can show you that this works and I'd love for you to share your wins along the way too!  So what ideas do you have that you are passionate about? What is your why? Don't leave your life to chance, set the intention now!      

2. Get specific - get really clear on the details of the intention don't be vague as the universe will give you what you want but it may not be exactly the way you intended it.  So in my case saying I want to inspire is not enough, I've got to detail exactly what that means to me and how I believe I can inspire in my own unique way.  I am tailoring that intention and making it specific for me.  I want to make a difference in people's lives because I genuinely care, I know I spent many years not fully loving myself and doubting my worth, having worked through that I now know I've got an abundance of value to give others.  I specifically want to make a living out of following this passion, travelling the world and sharing my learnings.  I'd like to have flexibility with the hours I work and be around people that inspire and uplift me.  Ok I could go on and on but now it's your turn. Express the detail of the intention in a way that is unique to you.  What do you want? Get really detailed about the specifics of how you'd like your life to look.  How will it make you feel when you have it?  

3.  Believe wholeheartedly - you are co-creating your magic with the universe so you are not alone in making this happen.  That said, you have to work at it and give it the right energy for the magic to grow.  Take one action each day that will get you closer to your magic.  There will be plenty of doubts and doubters around to steer you off course so you have to back yourself 100%.  There will also be setbacks so you have to trust the process.  When you are solid in your belief it is easy to shake off the doubt.  Don't underestimate the power of believing wholeheartedly in what you are doing and trusting the process.  I notice how my body feels when I'm connected to my truth - it feels at peace and in alignment with my heart and soul and that's when I know I am on the right path, there is no inner conflict and I believe wholeheartedly in the direction I'm taking.  Now it's your turn to shake off those doubts and back yourself - you only get one life so it's time to be your own cheerleader and believe wholeheartedly that you will succeed in manifesting the magic and trust the process.  

4. Release what isn't working - Pay attention here, remember the universe is controlling how the magic manifests after you have determined what the magic looks like.  If something is feeling icky pay attention and re-adjust your course.  By this I mean you may have a predetermined idea of what success looks like but if all the signs you are getting are leading you down a different path pay attention.  The universe will always give you what you need, not necessarily what you thought you wanted.  So in my example I want to inspire others and I think that I could achieve that via coaching but if I go down that path and keep coming across roadblocks despite my continued efforts,  or I give it a go and it doesn't quite feel right, I would need to start paying attention to the signs the universe is sending - it may be that I will be achieving my intention of inspiring others via a different method say perhaps through my public speaking.  Anyway this is just an example to help make things a little clearer but the key point is to pay attention to the signs and re-route as appropriate.  In business you'd say fail fast and learn faster. 

5. Creating your definition of success - I heard a quote recently that really resonated with me...

"measure your success not by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant."

The universe gives to those who show appreciation and put out the right energy.  Many will only measure success based on financial gains and accolades they receive but that would be vibrating at a very low frequency, and if that's your mindset you'll struggle to manifest your magic and if by chance you do, it's unlikely that it will be sustainable.  Creating a definition of success where you are grateful for what you have and are appreciating of all the work you are putting in to get closer to your magic keeps you vibrating at a higher frequency and therefore attracts the right energy to manifest your magic.  The universe will match your energy so focus on abundance rather than scarcity.

6. Value in = Value Out - Because the universe matches your energy you must acknowledge what might be hindering your success.  In the first instance, what is your connection to yourself and what is the connection you have to your worth? Do you feel deserving or not?  What energy are you putting out?  If you don't feel deserving of success then the universe will match that energy and not give you success - you can begin to see now how powerful the act of self love is in raising your frequency and keeping you focussed on giving value to others (value out) so that the universe can then match that and bring you your magic (value in).  Secondly, what this equation also refers to is your effort - for example, you can't expect to manifest a $1m if you are putting in effort which is equivalent of $10.  Remember you get what you are prepared to give.  What are you prepared to give in value out to others so that you can get value in?

So there you have it!

Take notes of what is happening each day and each month you'll be able to look back and see how everything is coming together.  As Steve Job once said you can't connect the dots looking forward, only by looking back.  Once you connect the dots you'll have absolute clarity on how you and the universe have manifested your magic - so don't forget take note, pay attention and trust the process.

To your success.