SG022 - Performing like an athlete

If you've ever wondered how the performance of an elite athlete is always consistent with little to no variability and wondered how they are always able step up when the pressure is on well I have the answer...

I had the privilege on Monday to attend a masterclass on Performance with PlanetK2 the people that are serious about performance.  When I say serious we are talking performances coaches for Olympic athletes so very serious!

So what does it take to perform like an athlete?  Well the answer is READINESS - knowing what is required and how to deliver it.

In order to perform better in life I learned that you need to change your mind-set, from one that is outcome focussed to one that is performance focussed. You need to see yourself as a performer in your role both in work and life and start to challenge your readiness to perform.

I learned that it was important to recognise that the outcome you seek may not always be guaranteed but that your performance level is always a choice.

To begin, ask yourself - what do I need to do today to improve my performance, how can I deliver a better performance today than yesterday?

To help you answer this question you really need to understand more about your performance arena:

1.      Understand your conditions

Seek to understand the conditions that surround you in your life.  It’s important that you evaluate them dispassionately i.e. not with emotion.  Ask yourself – is there anything I can change?  Can I influence a better performance arena for myself?  Are there conditions that are outside of my control?  If so, you must let go and accept them and turn your focus to only that which you can control.

In my case I know working in an open plan office is not something I can easily change, I am exposed to many distractions that impact my performance.  However an option I have to improve my performance is to book a meeting room when I need to focus and give something my full attention.  A simple example I know but the key thing here is that I’m already raising my awareness to my performance conditions and with practice I’ll get even better at influencing my environment to one that supports my performance needs.

2.      Be clear about your view of success

What is the result you seek? What’s your vision and goal? If you’ve been reading my previous posts you will have started asking those questions already.  Now make sure you write it down and pin it up somewhere you can see it every single day.  You need to remain clear on your goal. 

3.      What performance is required to achieve that result?

This is arguably the most important step.  In my case if being a performance coach and speaker is my goal then what must I do to improve my performance?  One thing I can do to improve my performance is dedicate time to practice my speaking.  In which case I then need to focus on how I can create that time - what can I clear from my calendar that is not essential to achieving this goal?

In my last post on manifesting the magic there was a step on believing wholeheartedly that you will make it happen.  If you are serious about achieving your goals then start asking yourself what performance is needed from you today.

It’s worth remembering:


Performance is doing the things you need to do to get the results you want.  For example, if I want to deliver a high quality keynote then spending half the day clearing my emails isn’t going to get me there.  Performance is a choice – choose how you spend your time wisely.

Be laser focussed and wise – don’t use up valuable time on activities that don't contribute to you achieving your goals. 

Be consistently ready to perform in 2018 whatever the conditions.