SG025 - Be remarkable or invisible, there is no in between

As Seth Godin says "You are either remarkable or invisible, make a choice."  

This weeks blog won't be a long one but I hope it makes you stop and think.   As I write this, it is Saturday night at 10pm and tomorrow is the final day of my three day platform bootcamp at the Speakers Institute. 

This bootcamp marks the official end of a 12mth Protege programme; and the final afternoon consists of presenting in front of a panel of Speakers Bureau Agents and a TEDx Curator.   

To say I'm nervous is an understatement, I've barely slept the last two nights and the bootcamp so far has been a rollercoaster of emotions.  Yesterday I bombed my twelve minute keynote.  My nerves got the better of me; I forgot my lines; ran out of time and failed to deliver my full message. 

Today I nailed it, or so I was told! I'm not sure I really believe it as I find it so hard to accept praise, I've certainly never been very good at giving myself any in the past!  But I know by the looks on peoples' faces today and feedback I got, that I really connected with the audience.

The question I have in my mind now is how the hell is tomorrow going to go? What if I bomb again? What if I smash it?

But in truth, it doesn't really matter does it?  Either way I win.

You see just by putting myself out there to speak on stage I have chosen to be remarkable and whatever happens I certainly won't be invisible.    

So ask yourself today do you want to be remarkable, or invisible? You choose.  But know one thing, there is no in between.

To the Gift of You