SG026 - Slow down to go fast

Sometimes it feels like life is running at a 100 miles an hour and there is so much to do, people to see and places to go and not enough hours in the day.  But what if I told you you could go faster and achieve more by slowing down?

I can't quite believe it's the 1st of April, as I sit here and write, I look back at how much has happened in these first three months and all the things I have achieved in such a short amount of time.

I started the year in darkness with no clarity on how to move into the light and now three months later I am bathing in light so bright that I can't even believe the darkness ever existed.  So much has changed. 

My highlights include pulling myself out of a temporary state of depression; getting my permanent residency in Australia; taking my first step into the unknown by making a decision to leave my corporate life; getting myself out of my comfort zone and pushing past the majority of my limiting beliefs, all this as well as kicking goals at work.  Wow! what a year already!

The main reason I have achieved so much and have such clarity about my future direction now, is that I surrendered to slowing down before I could go fast.  Previously, I needed to know exactly where I was headed and what I needed to do to get there.  I'd get stressed and frustrated with not knowing the answers and I felt helpless when things weren't going in the way that I'd hoped they would.  Can you resonate with this?

By slowing down and allowing time for reflection and self care (for me that meant making time to read, being in nature, meditating and doing more of the things that nourished my soul) I was able to let the fog of stress and expectation clear and truly connect to my heartspace.  What that meant was the voice of fear and anxiety quietened down and that of truth and love found it's own voice and began to speak up.  In slowing down I was able to really see what my heart desired and I got clarity on the direction I wanted to take in life.  Slowing down and spending time loving myself allowed me to nurture my inner courage to finally step out and ROAR!  

This week I was reminded, however, that slowing down takes lots of practice and I have to confess I found myself feeling rather frazzled with a hectic week and lots of thoughts running around in my head.  I found myself getting sucked into listening to the voice of fear and anxiety - 'so much to do and so little time'.  But deep down I know it's not true.

So today I'm choosing to pause.....breathe in calm.....breathe out anything that is not serving me, and connect to my heart by meditating and relaxing in nature.

Whilst I've shared a lot of what is going on for me the intention of this post is to help you stop, slow down and recognise what's going on for you.

What frustrations do you have that are getting you frazzled? How could you slow down and connect to your heartspace? Do that now.

With all that I've achieved this year what I know for for sure is that you have to Slow Down to Go Fast.

To the Gift of You.