SG029 - What is your script?

Have you ever paid any attention to the script running in your head? If so what is it telling you?  Is it encouraging and supportive? or is it negative and self doubting?

This week I've been paying particular attention to my script - as I navigate my career transition I'm noticing the dialogue running around in my head and some of it is not very helpful!

I've chosen to follow my heart and listen to what my soul needs and it goes against everything that my mind has known in the past - which in my case is a safe career, a steady income, security and a reasonable level of certainty.  Taking a leap of faith and facing uncertainty is causing my mind to go into overdrive, it is asking me whether I've gone mad, whether this is really a sensible thing to do and it questions whether I have really thought things through clearly enough!

But this week rather than let the script running through my mind drive up levels of anxiety I decided to change the script.  I told my mind "if you think you can or if you think you can't -  then you are right!".  I tested this out on a run one morning as my mind was telling me I couldn't run 7km.  It's the furthest I've ever run and I've only managed it once before when I had more energy!  My mind was telling me, as pushed through each kilometre, that I'd definitely need to stop and walk some part of it.  Instead of listening to what my mind wanted me to do I repeated over and over again "I can and I will get to 7km without stopping" - and you know something I did!

This weekend I ran 10km with friends smashing my 7km record and I kept that mantra running (excuse the pun!) through my head.  I know my mind only wants to keep me safe and when it knows I feel fear it does everything it can to move me out of the way of danger.  But I've now consciously acknowledged for myself that my reptile brain doesn't have the capability to recognise the difference between real danger (Lion about to eat me kind of danger) and perceived danger (I'm scared of running further because it hurts and I shouldn't be in pain) and by being aware of this I'm able to comfortably change the dialogue.

It didn't make things any easier in respect of the physical running but it took away the unnecessary noise and energy draining thoughts.

Start paying attention to your script, is it serving you or not?  What do you really want to change or achieve in your life and how is the script in your mind holding you back?

These next few weeks as I leave the safety net of my corporate world and navigate uncharted waters I'll be acknowledging what my script is and making sure it serves me well.  I hope you'll be doing the same for you.

On a side note it was timely that I got to see the Irish band The Script live in Sydney on Friday!

The last chorus of their song Hall of Fame stood out for me.

You can be a master (you can be a champion)
Don't wait for luck (you can be a champion)
Dedicate yourself and you can find yourself (you can be a champion)
Standing in the hall of fame (you can be a champion)

It's time to change your script and be the champion of your life.