SG030 - Time to surrender

I can't expect to take others anywhere I haven't been prepared to go myself - it's time to surrender.

Today, I surrender my career in the corporate world, with one last day in the office to go I let go of the safety net that I've been reliant on since I finished university!  The comfort of a clearly defined career path, the routine of a morning and evening commute, the expectation of my salary arriving monthly in my account and the familiarity of my working environment.

I surrender over 15 yrs of experience as a management accountant and senior finance executive.  I surrender the expectations that others had for my career and their individual and collective needs.  I surrender the certainty, the knowing what to expect from each day and my comfort blanket.

I surrender my expectations for myself and my fears.  I surrender the need for knowing 'how' and trust that knowing the 'what' is enough.  I surrender doubts, the thoughts that do not serve me, the pressure I put on myself to have all the answers.  I surrender my desires and my dreams, my wants and my hopes.  I surrender it all.

No resistance just presence.  To choose this moment to be, to take it all in and trust that the guidance will come.  To quieten the voices, to get still, to listen , to hear and to really understand.  That I am significant and my being here matters, yet allowing the awareness I'm insignificant too.  In the silence I understand that surrender is the only way.  No forcing, just flowing - like a river towards the ocean I know I'll find my way home.

Surrender is not weakness, surrender is trust in the unknown, taking a leap with no guarantees.  It's having faith and letting go of judgement or expectations.  Today I surrender my constraints and allow the stillness to speak.

I know can't expect to take others anywhere I haven't been prepared to go myself - it's time to surrender and be free.