SG032 - What's your money relationship?

"Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears" - Les Brown

How many of you would like to be doing something different with your life but don't feel you have the money to do it?

Before making the leap out of corporate I was thinking exactly the same.  I thought that the people who were living their dreams and were successful were the lucky ones, a privileged few. 

In considering my decision to take the leap, I had to go deeper I asked myself what success really meant to me and the more I thought about it the more I acknowledged that my measure of success up until then was guided by society's view of what success was - having a big house, nice car, enjoying nice things and living very comfortably.  Whilst none of this is necessarily bad (apart from the fact it wasn't something I'd decided consciously) it did set my expectations for how much money I felt I 'needed' to be living a 'successful' life.  With the help of my year of less (see blog 31) I realised that my conscious idea of success wasn't quite the same.

So then I had to take a look at my relationship with money, which for me was born out of not having very much growing up.  Raised in a single parent household money was something I saw as providing security, something that kept you safe, and as a result my focus over the years has always been about having enough.  Combine this with my desire to be 'successful',  I worked hard and made good money - I made enough to be able to pay my mortgage to enjoy lovely holidays to buy nice things - I had always had enough to meet the need.

In making the leap from corporate I challenged both of those areas of my life, success and money - my idea of what success looks like now is about fulfilment deep within - I'm doing something I absolutely love, helping people discover and unwrap who they are and guiding them towards a life that is in alignment with their truth - a nice car and nice house whilst still important to me doesn't have me feeling alive in the same way as helping someone breakthrough their limiting beliefs and experience true freedom to be their best self.

My relationship with money also had to change, from one where I unconsciously just focussed on having enough to meet a need, to believing in absolute abundance.  Why? Well I probably wouldn't have made the leap out of corporate if I stayed focussed on just having enough and keeping what I had safe. 

In making this shift to believing in abundance I allowed myself to go to the place I feared, where I didn't have enough, and I listed all of the possible scary outcomes - making peace with those outcomes and recognising that by acknowledging and identifying what the worst case scenarios looked like that I could actually start to build a plan around them rather than live in fear of the unknown 'what if' scenarios.  

In facing my fears I had a greater level of acceptance and freedom, and staying connected to my purpose first and foremost meant my fears were no longer driving my decisions.   

Many of us having limiting beliefs around money and most of don't reach for our dreams because of the stories we tell ourselves about not having enough.  The quote above really resonated with me and it made me stop and think how many of us are living our fears rather than our dreams.    

A resource that I'd like to share is a podcast I heard a little while back about changing your relationship with money it's an interview with a lady called Peta Kelly, she was a self made millionaire by the age of 25.  If you have the time it is certainly worth a listen to, it helped me move from a mindset of enough to abundance and I'd like to pay that forward..

Click the link below:

To living your dreams