SG034 - Will you walk your own path?

How many of us would love the freedom to walk our own path? To set our own rules for our life, whilst having the certainty that we'll always be loved and accepted for the choices we make.

As I enjoy quality time with family and friends this week I find myself wondering about the path I'm walking.  Even just six months ago I would not have predicted that I'd be treading a new path running my own business and navigating a whole new world.

I've wondered what changed, when did I know I needed to walk my own path?  I've always sought to fit in and belong somewhere - if you asked me years ago did I want to be my own boss I'd have said "no way that sounds way too risky, I don't get why anyone would take on that stress?" Yet here I am walking my own path doing something I'd never set out to do - so what changed?

Well this week as I observe how, after nearly two years since I've seen them last, I've picked up relationships with friends and family back home in England like I'd never left.  I notice what the constant is - it's love.

So you are probably wondering what's that got to do with anything on walking your own path and where the hell I am going with this blog?!  

Well that's it - that's the answer - that's what's changed - it's Love.

I realised that when you have a relationship with yourself that is all about love and kindness you can step into the wilderness and trust that you won't be alone.  I'm not talking about having friends and family for company I'm talking about having a relationship with yourself such that you recognise that even in the wilderness there is comfort in knowing you belong.

We often don't want to step out by ourselves and tread a path that takes us away from what we know; away from having a sense of belonging; and away from the place we feel safest.  We do this in the smallest of ways - not sharing our opinions for fear of being seen as different or for fear of being rejected; not speaking up on behalf of someone who needs support perhaps because you don't want to be cast out too.  

We all seek to fit and belong and walking your own path means being brave enough to stand alone - no guarantees that anyone will stand by your side, but trusting that if you are in integrity with who you are and you have compassion and love for yourself the wilderness is not as scary as it seems - in fact you realise you are the wilderness.

We are all the wilderness if we allow ourselves to really see that we stand together as we stand alone.

To the Wilderness