SG037 - Do you trust your intuition?

Are you feeling a little disconnected? Do you want to tap into your intuition and be guided? Do you feel a little stuck?

This week I was reminded that I wasn't engaging the flow of evolution and tapping into my intuition.  What do I mean by this exactly...

Well, we all see that the world is evolving and if we pay attention we know that because the world includes us it means that each and everyone of us is evolving too.

Each day we are learning new things that we didn't know yesterday but the challenge is that many of us are doing this unconsciously and therefore we never truly begin to connect the insights we are being given to guide our direction.

Many of us drift from day to day following the same routine navigating our lives on autopilot, living for the weekend.  We operate in what could be described as a waking sleep - functioning fully but without consciousness.  Does this resonate?

I've spent a lot of time over the years working on myself to be more conscious and present in the moment.  I do this so that I can live with purpose and at the same time stay connected to what I am experiencing in life.  The richness that comes with 'being' in the moment and giving full attention I truly can't even begin to describe - the only thing that comes to mind as I write this, is that it's like there is no time, it's limitless and infinite.    

This week, however, I found myself drifting with my thoughts, losing consciousness and travelling down various rabbit holes as I navigate this new chapter of my life building my own business.  I was being captured by all the different options I have in developing my thought leadership.

I didn't know where to start and time started to get away from me as I procrastinated over where to focus my time (ironic I know!).  

I had a presentation to deliver at a conference on Thursday it was my first one since leaving the corporate world.  I was speaking at a conference with finance executives from many different businesses on why business transformation starts with personal transformation.  I was wrestling with myself on where to place the emphasis - on the business impact or the personal impact? - the two were interlinked but the examples and stories I would use would vary greatly.

I was in my head and I was trying to use rational logic to answer the question but the more I rationalised the more disconnected I felt.  A friend recommended I read 'The Celestine Prophecy' and my first thought was "I don't have time to read right now!" but he got my attention when he told me he thought I'd lost sight of my intuition.

As I read the the book I was reminded that the answers to all my questions were available that I needed to centre myself in my situation, remember the questions I had and allow myself to receive some intuitive guidance.  On Wednesday evening I went to sleep with my presentation under my pillow (after having a random thought about doing that) and I asked that my path become clear.  I woke at 4.30am with the following thoughts: 

  1. I needed to speak from the heart and speak my truth
  2. 60%-70% of my audience would need to hear my message as they were in transition moments in their lives
  3. I needed to remember my purpose was greater than my fear (this was remembering I had dreamt that Father Christmas told me he got scared of jumping down chimneys's but did it anyway!)
  4. I needed to relax and have fun (in the same Father Christmas dream he also told me he got sad that as we grow into adults we forget him and I remembered what it was like to be a child again!)

I couldn't believe that those thoughts had actually come to me I felt so light and a little weirded out - my finance decision making brain not quite understanding how this was possible.  But I trusted my intuition.  

I presented that afternoon, speaking my truth and speaking from my heart.  I chose to be vulnerable with a corporate audience and trusted that whilst it was not typical in that environment that it was what I needed to do.  I know that when people are free be who they are their ability transform their life, and the lives of others and their business is truly limitless.  

I had some beautiful feedback from the audience and I know I moved people in ways that I wouldn't have if I'd stuck to presenting what I think my audience wanted or if I played safe by letting my fear of judgement drive my decisions.

We all have intuition we can tap into and if you are a little unsure where to start - start with a a question you seek the answer to and then allow yourself to believe that you will be guided to the answer.

If you have a random thought that pops up when you ask the question - follow that line of enquiry (my example here was putting my presentation under my pillow).  Where does that line of enquiry take you?  Even if you are unsure that where it leads you is going to help - what if you were to trust that the person or place it's leading you to also has a clue that takes you a little closer?  Do you ever notice coincidences?  What if those co-incidences were actually breadcrumbs guiding your direction?

As I look back this last week alone at the co-incidences I friend reached out as I had thought of him, in sharing my indecisiveness with him he recommended a book, I read that book and it raised my awareness, raising my awareness I looked for signs, I received signs and they guided my direction, in following that direction I connected with people at a deeper level, in connecting deeply I felt I'd achieved my purpose of showing up just as I am - giving the gift of me so that others can feel free to give the gift of them.

Intuition is hugely powerful and I'm grateful for the reminder this week. 

Your turn now - will you allow yourself to trust your intuition and see where it leads you.

Follow the breadcrumbs...