SG038 - What do you have to give?

There are so many of us that question our worth and under value what we have to give.  We observe others and see their lights shine but then question whether our own bulb is working or whether we even have one.

The truth is we all have our lights to shine and often it's our fears, of our own power, that have us believing that it is more helpful to dim our lights to keep others comfortable.  But this truly is not the answer.

When you shine your light brightly you radiate your energy out to the world, you show up as your best self and in doing so you give love and give others the permission to shine brightly too.  Some maybe be intimidated at first and perhaps even uncomfortable with you shining your light but you must remember this is about their fears not yours.

When you show up for yourself and others by shining your light consistently every single day you help those that are feeling uncomfortable to see that you are just being your best self.  This consistency allows others to build trust, feel safe and slowly enables them to ignite their own light and allow them too shine brighter each and every day.

Today don't do the world a disservice by thinking you have nothing to give - you have everything to give and it's already inside of you.  If your light is a little dim - give the bulb a good dusting and let it shine with the brightness within you.

Whether it's a smile, a joke, a shoulder to lean on or a beautiful warm hug - remember you always have something to give.

Shine brightly my friends.