SG035 - G is for gratitude

How would you like to live a life of abundance? A life full of possibilities, where luck was always on your side and you experienced unrelenting happiness?

What if I said gratitude is your answer?  

As I sit at Heathrow Airport waiting to board my flight, reflecting on the last two weeks spent with family and friends in England, I can't help but feel grateful.

In the last two weeks I've been reminded of the power of love and how even with distance and passing of time it remains strong, I've laughed and experienced so much joy, connecting with real humans in real life - there really isn't any substitute for face to face time and the warmth of a loving hug. 

I know leaving is always hard and it would be easy for me to feel miserable and wallow in the sadness of saying goodbye.  But I won't - I choose gratitude.

I remind myself that when you choose gratitude that misery absolutely cannot co-exist.  So I choose gratitude every time.

I'm grateful for having quality time with family and friends, for creating new memories, for the love I've felt each and every day and I'm grateful that I live in the knowledge that life is always good when you choose gratitude.

It really is.  

If you don't believe me try it on for a week - choose five things to be grateful for each and everyday this week, write them down for an extra boost, and see if you don't notice the difference.

You'll be changing your neural pathways by doing this exercise and if you continue with this practice you'll find that you only know how to live a life of abundance, a life full of possibilities, where luck is always on your side and one where you experience unrelenting happiness.

G is for Gratitude.