SG039 - Man Fast

I had to laugh when my friend bought this for me because I wasn’t sure what she meant when she said she thought it was perfect for me!

The cover sub heading says “How one woman’s dating detox turned into a spiritual reckoning across four continents”.

It’s a memoir where the author, Natasha Scripture, shares her own journey of self discovery propelled by the death of her father and the feelings of exasperation in her search for love and meaning. The question at the heart of her anxiety: What is her purpose?

She travelled four continents in search of the answers to realise the journey was all about bringing her home to herself.

The five chapter themes guided me through her journey one which I can very much relate with my own journey, at times I felt she had written the thoughts in my own head! It made me wonder if we are all on the same path to becoming ourselves and if it's only our understanding and interpretation of the journey that differs based on the lens in which we see the world.  

Even after many years of personal development and introspection I find there is always something new I can learn from others' journey's.  

The following were the insights I took from reading the book, I'm intending that they will serve as a useful reminder for you as they were for me. 

I've used the chapter themes as prompts.

Allowing - Allow the pain and do not diminish or minimise your struggles in life but instead seek meaning in the suffering.

Surrendering - Surrender attachment to your own or others ideas of how life is supposed to be and let go of expectations so you can be present in the moment and experience the richness.

Transcending - Transcend recognising the balance of life in the opposites. Yin and Yang, light and dark, pleasure and pain. That life could not exist without death. Accept wholeness as a way of being.

Connecting - Connect with nature and see how everything is interconnected. How everything has a purpose and reason for being. There is no waste in nature and nor in your life any heartache or disappointment you experience allows you to evolve - they are just seeds for growth.

Becoming - All the wisdom you need is already inside of you. Our journey’s take us all in search of the truth that we hold within us. Our purpose unfolds when we allow ourself the space to expand the light within us.

I believe that life certainly has a way of challenging us as we grow, when you are in the depths of the darkness before the light - know and trust that whilst it makes no sense at the time, it is a calling to you becoming you - to shed you of the layers and to remind you who you are at your core.

I hadn’t expected this book to be so rich and deep in spiritual insights. My friend was right it was perfect!