SG041 - Footprints on the moon

The title of this post was inspired by another one of Seth Godin's books - I'm a huge fan of his work and it's easy to see why - he's a visionary and a change maker.  Each time I read one of his books he expands my view of the world and what I believe is possible.

This blog is a small example of the change I seek to make - I hope that in paying forward what I'm learning in my life that yours can be enriched with a new perspective too.

I've used Seth's chapter titles for the sub headings for this post as they are pretty awesome!  

Make change happen.  You are in charge.

Each one of us can make a difference in this world.  

We might not all be headed to make footprints on the moon as Neil Armstrong did but we each have the ability to make a positive change.

Recognising you are in charge is the first step in making that change.  Take ownership and responsibility for the life you are living and recognise that whilst you can't change everyone's life you can certainly change a few.

Time is something we all wish we had more of, but we all know it is fleeting and therefore it's even more important that we tune into our creativity and give some thought to the change we seek to make.  The time is now.

You. There is no such thing as writers block.

We can often feel stuck, trapped in our own versions of the truth we are living in and we convince ourselves that we can't move forward. 

We tell ourselves stories of not having a creative gene, of not being an ideas generator or of not really knowing where to start.  But the truth is it's our fear that keeps us stuck.  

Seth's tells us there is no such thing as writers block and I have to agree.  Each week I write this blog without fail.  I have something to write because I've committed to showing up each week not necessarily because I always feel that I have something to say.  It was scary at the beginning but now it's a muscle I've trained - I write and in some small way I know I'm making a difference. 

So what if you could make a commitment to yourself what would you choose?

What if you chose to do something that scares you? What if you choose to dance with your fear instead of hide from it - what would you do?

Act with Intention.  The first question is "Who?" and the second question is "What?"

When seeking to make a change the questions you should be asking are "who is it for?" and "what is it for?"

Focusing on these questions enables you to be much more intentional with the actions you take.  Remember you can't change everyone's life, but whose could you change for the better?  This could be your own, or someone very close to you or even a stranger in the street.  

When you know 'who' then consider 'what' is the change you seek to make and focus on only taking actions that support that change.  Be intentional.  

Remember time is short and you can be a change maker if you choose to be.  I'd love to know that my time on this earth made a positive difference and I'd like to believe that if you are reading this blog then you feel the same way too.

Neil Armstrong set the bar pretty high with making footprints on the moon but I'm pretty sure that the change you seek to make won't be anything to be scoffed at.

Be a change maker.  Be you.