SG042 - Busy doesn't mean productive

Just because you are busy all day 'doing stuff' doesn't mean you are being productive.

Productivity, to me, means moving towards important long term goals - moving closer and closer to the big things that you dream of, moving towards the stuff that matters.

How many times have you found yourself avoiding the really important things on your to do list and have instead busied yourself cleaning the kitchen cupboards, giving the bathroom a good scrub or perhaps you decided to give your wardrobe clear out - which incidentally involved trying everything on before you decided to keep it or throw it out? 

Or maybe you were in the office and you decided to clear all your emails, responding to queries and clearing your inbox - feels good right?  You've told yourself you've had a productive day and you can go home believing you are on top of things.

We convince ourselves at the end of the day we've had a really productive day but the truth is we've procrastinated.  

We've stalled, hidden and avoided doing the real work the work that truly matters.  The work the scares us the most but the work that moves us forward in the direction of the big goals, the game changers, our dreams.

We busy ourselves because it gives us a way out, a way to avoid saying and acknowledging that we are scared. Keeping busy means we kid ourselves that we've achieved something but deep down we know we haven't done the work that matters.

Start paying attention, what are you spending your time doing?  Are you doing the important work, the work that is moving you towards your big goals or are you confusing busyness with productivity?

We all do it but it's time to stop procrastinating and start doing the work that scares you the most - why?  

Because being scared is the clue that it is the work that matters, it's guiding you where to go next and is taking you one step closer to your dreams.

Go forth, be brave, do the work!