SG043 - The power of silence

What might someone tell you if you held space for them to speak?

What might they share that they otherwise would not?

We often think about holding the tension in a sales negotiation. Creating discomfort with silence so the other party feels compelled to share more. To ease the tension, to fill the silence.

What if silence was a force for good, not manipulation?

What if the tension you create with silence helps someone move forward?

A way for them to answer their own questions.

A way for them to reflect on what they need to say.

A way for them to say more about what's on their mind.

A way for them to dig deeper.

What could you learn, how much closer could your relationships be?

I've seen the power of silence used for good.

I've seen how a conversation flows into something deep from the simple act of pausing. No jumping in to fill the space.

When the desire to break the tension becomes greater than fear of speaking up the magic happens!

How will you use the power of silence, a simple pause to create the tension and hold the space for someone?

Who can you help today by saying nothing?