SG040 - Being a linchpin

If your job involves just following instructions then my friend you are replaceable because let's be frank anyone with half a brain can do that.    

Sounds a little harsh right? But you and I both know the world is evolving and as technology plays a greater role in our working worlds we have to find a way to be indispensable.

Be remarkable...

Reading Seth Godin's book 'Linchpin' he shares how we go about being indispensable and it's not by doing more of what people expect us to do.  It's about being remarkable and refusing to be unremarkable, to forge a path that's your own without waiting for someone to tell you what to do and how to do it.

Everyone has the ability to be a linchpin - to be indispensable and it all starts with how we see ourselves.

How many of you see yourselves as artists? Perhaps you see artists as some creative types that are sharing the gift they were born with - not something you have? or maybe you think they are the people that are happy not making much money in pursuit of their art?

What if I was to say being a linchpin means being an artist in your own world?

It means pouring your heart and soul into something in the same way an artist would do.  It means showing up with the energy to tackle problems in your own unique way, to consider what else you could do to move forward.

Imagine if you showed up in your job with the same flare and passion an artist does painting a masterpiece, what would you do? How much more could you achieve?  Would you look at things differently and consider a new way of making a difference?

Being a linchpin, an artist, with passion means you create energy and build a reputation for yourself that makes you valuable to the business and those around you.  

It can start with the simplest of actions - paying attention and really listening to the needs of others and considering what you could to help - which may be as simple as bringing them a coffee and a sandwich when they have a huge deadline or it could be solving a challenge that they've been struggling with a while by sitting together with them and workshopping some ideas.  It could be offering a connection with someone in your network who could help, or it could be bringing humour to a tense situation.  

This doesn't sound difficult and it's not, but being a linchpin it is about being consistent and persistent in your actions - surprising and delighting others with how you show up.

What stops us being remarkable...

Typically your lizard brain will attempt to get in your way of being a linchpin because it generates fear.  Being a linchpin means being brave - standing out from the crowd, but as our lizard brains are wired to keeping us safe standing out isn't what it wants us to do.  Standing out means being noticed and that could be quite scary for our brains to contend with - how will it keep us safe if we don't blend in with the crowd.

But it's time to stop indulging that fear and focus on being a linchpin - to colour outside of the lines and stand out from the masses.  It's time to be special and own your unique value and share your art.

Make the choice to be a linchpin by pouring emotional labour (passion and flare) into your job and make it a platform for your art whatever that may be.  

Do the work...

Remember being an artist means producing and shipping the work - it's not enough to just have ideas we must share them and bring them to life - not every idea will be successful but we must keep producing art and trust that by doing so we'll do the work that matters.

When a true artist embarks on his/her endeavours the passion is just to give and share their art with the world.  They don't embark on the project expecting anything in return, their love is in the producing and sharing. 

True success and indispensability comes from having that giving mindset, knowing that when your art is seen and received it has the ability to change the world.

It's time to be a linchpin, be an artist - work with passion and love and give the gift you have to give.

Be Indispensable, Be Remarkable, Be an Artist, Be a Linchpin.