SG046 - A world without masks

What if you could take off the mask you are wearing and be yourself?  

What if you could share your truth without fear of judgement, or rejection?

What if you could love yourself as you are?  Love each of your flaws and imperfections? 

What if you learned to be playful and laughed at yourself instead of being so serious?

What if you could breathe and smile knowing that you belong?

What if?

I have a dream, I dream of a world without masks.  

A world where we allow ourselves to be seen just as we are.  

A world where we allow ourselves to be vulnerable so that we can build connections that are rich and true.

A world where we replace judgement with a curiosity to understand.

A world where we accept our differences and celebrate our uniqueness.

A world where there is compassion and one where we all belong.

I see you, I hear you and I understand you.


Remember you have a reason for being.

Remember you have a gift to give, and you are the only one that can give it.

Remember you have a responsibility to live your truth.

Remember a world without masks

Remember it starts with you.