SG052 - Breakdown to Breakthrough

What if there is only one formula for moving from a breakdown to a breakthrough and we all have access to it?

How many times have you felt anxious, overwhelmed and have feared not having enough hours in the day to get things done?

I know I have.

This week I’ve been busy:

  • navigating the joy of finding a new home with only two weeks on my lease left - yikes! (anyone who has ever rented in Sydney knows I’m using the word joy rather sarcastically!)

  • starting the packing process (after scrounging for spare boxes from supermarkets. Please shoot me now!)

  • continuing with business development (losing track of the number of meetings and coffees consumed)

  • revising proposals for my corporate clients (gosh I wish I was better at filing and version control!)

  • developing content for my coaching programmes (so many ideas and so much to capture)

  • networking at a conference on organisational culture (so many people to meet and so much to awesome content to absorb)

  • writing a pitch for TEDx Sydney pitch night (gosh the pressure!)

So it’s fair to say I’ve had a lot on my mind and there have been many moments I’ve felt I’ve been in complete overwhelm.

I’ve been ready to bury myself under the duvet (or dooner for the Aussies) and not surface as my thoughts are consumed with questions:

  • how on earth am I going to do all this?

  • what if I don’t find somewhere to live in time?

  • what if I drop the ball on a proposal?

  • what if I miss the deadline for the pitch?

But as I recall a quote from my Monday night Philosphy Class (yes I did that too!)

“The sage acts without any pressure from within or without” - Shri Shantananda Sarasvati

I see that the only thing that keeps us in a state of breakdown is our thoughts. The pressure we allow ourselves to experience from within us or from the external environment.

What if instead we let go of the pressure like the sage and allowed ourselves to be present?

What if all we needed to do is get up each day and take focussed action and let go of our thoughts what would we achieve with all that space in our heads?

What if the only formula for breakdown to breakthrough is taking relentless action towards our goals and not letting thoughts and perceived pressures get in the way?

I believe it is, and I’m willing to keep practising with this principle to see what happens - the question is will you join me?