SG051 - The art of enrolment

"You can't lead people unless you are willing to acknowledge you are the biggest jerk in the room"

As I sat in the room listening to the leader at a transformation workshop saying this line I thought this is exactly why I'm here.

I've known for a long time you can't take people further than you've been prepared to go yourself.   As I continue to invest in myself, to be a better human, I'm reminded that the art of enrolling people into a new vision starts with having humility.

It starts with recognising you can't change others unless you are willing to demonstrate the change in yourself.  

That you can only call yourself a leader when you can shift the reality others experience, and it all starts with how they experience you.

I know as I navigate this life journey that I want people to see me as I say I am.  The me I am today, the me of the future I would like to create.  

Not the me of the past, not the me that they experienced when I was in my own drama's, angry, sad, upset, disillusioned, not the me when I was trying to be someone I wasn't, not the me that only focussed on trying to please them, not the me that was mean, not the me that wasn't kind.

So when it comes to enrolment - what vision am I painting for others and what is the vision I am living?

I'd like to be creating a whole new context in which I see myself and through which others see me.

But enrolment only happens when people see you being the change you wish to see.

So how will you enrol others today?  What will you do to create the context through which you are seen? 

Are you prepared to acknowledge you are the biggest jerk in the room in order to lead?

I am.