SG069 - The Role of Resistance

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

Our ability to move forward is often hindered by the role of resistance but what do we really understand about it?

In his book The War of Art, Steven Pressfield shares a perspective that really helps us understand the role of resistance, why it shows up and what is needed to overcome it.

Firstly, it’s worth you understanding that it’s universal. Every single human will experience resistance.

Each time you seek to move upwards, to move ahead, to grow - resistance will appear.

Why? Because resistance is a force of nature!

It’s helpful to see it as you would gravity, where what comes up must come down.

Resistance is the opposition to your dreams. The darkness to your light.

Where there are dreams, there will always be resistance - the shadows.

So when resistance appears, it is useful not to judge yourself - just acknowledge that it is there doing its job.

If you begin to understand, that when you tell yourself you are not good enough, when the fear kicks in, when the negative voices in your head keep you playing small - it’s not you. It’s the resistance.

Whilst they may present as your thoughts they are not, it’s just the negative energy that presents itself to counter your evolution.

The more important something is to you, the greater the resistance.

So, how then do we overcome it?

Well, there is no silver bullet for starters. It all starts in action.

It requires doing the work, making the commitment to take action.

He eloquently put it as “Put your ass where your heart wants to be”

To make a journey you must take the first step.

Often, that first step comes when the pain of standing still starts to be much greater than the pain of moving forward.

Other times it’s when the desire and will for something more is greater than the resistance - you feel called to move forward knowing that is where you are meant to go.

The key thing is, if you acknowledge, like gravity, resistance is always going to be there, then moving through it becomes part of your job.

Understand that when the resistance is showing up its because you are moving closer towards your dreams.

“The greatest battle we have, is to become ourselves in the the face of adversity” - Steve Pressfield

So if you want to measure your success, measure your actions.

Ask yourself daily - did I overcome resistance today?

If you did, well done you’re a step closer to realising your dreams.