SG070 - Something shifted

I can’t speak for anyone else but I can’t believe we are already near the end of January - why is it that this month always seems to fly by so fast?

My social feed has been full of many people talking about goal setting and setting the intentions for the year ahead and getting focussed on what needs to be achieved.

With new coaching clients I’ve been taking calls from those looking to change their jobs and get further clarity on where they are heading next.

Standing back it’s fascinating to observe the frenzy of what January typically calls us to do and I marvel that whilst time is ultimately a continuum that we see the start of the new year as a very definite marker for change.

This year is my last year of my thirties and whilst I have a good eleven months to go until the next milestone birthday I find myself being more cognisant of what I want this year to stand for too.

Whilst many focus on what the celebration of the milestone birthday will look like, I find myself focussing on how I savour every moment of this year and honour this last decade.

For some reason I’ve always found myself afraid of getting old (a complete waste of energy) but the wiser I get I recognise it’s because I fear running out of time to do all the things I want to do.

But this year, whilst I have very clear intentions and goals for both my personal and professional life I’m making a conscious choice to be present in every single day.

The older we get the faster time appears to move and I’m aware that with the continued focus on the destination we often forget to acknowledge and cherish the journey.

I’ll be writing a blog in December which will be called 39 Steps to 40 - yes it is rather mad that I’m already thinking about this blog but I know it will be celebration of this last decade!

I’m sharing this today because this blog is a simple reminder that we don’t have to wait until we have a milestone birthday looming ahead of us before we start reflecting and celebrating the life we have.

I know I will be a perennial student of life, always looking to improve my skills and knowledge. I’ve always pushed myself out of my comfort zone and anyone that has worked with me during my corporate career and now as a coaching client knows I’m all about drive and ambition and really pushing both myself and others to be the very best they can be.

I’ve acknowledged its part of my DNA to not take the easy path and that I thrive on kicking goals and helping others do the same but I’m grateful that with age comes the wisdom of how to do that whilst remaining in complete alignment with who I am. Not losing myself to my ego state of having to prove myself to others.

Something has shifted in me, perhaps it’s the effects of the meditation practice I undertake daily, perhaps it’s my daily gratitude journalling or perhaps it’s the effect of spending the last few years really going deep and cultivating a healthy relationship with myself.

Whatever it is I feel such peace and calm with where I am with life. It’s a strange feeling, I still have have kick ass ambitions but the energy behind them now is one of understated confidence. Knowing that I’ll be always be growing and seeking to improve but that it comes now from a place of joy rather than feelings of lack.

How fascinating!