SG068 - Where will I go?

The first week of the new year is nearly over and I know that we all know all too well how quickly time flies.

Before I move on to thinking about the year ahead I wanted to take a moment to reflect on 2018.

It was a huge year for me and one that unfolded in the most unexpected way. When I started the year I had no idea I’d choose to leave my corporate career and start my own business. I hadn’t even imagined that I’d ever have the courage to take that leap of faith.

In making the leap I had no idea that I’d feel the fear of failure so strongly that it nearly crippled me, I’m talking anxiety, overwhelm, self-doubt and a whole lot more.

To add to the challenge of that huge leap I also had to move home last year which unsettled my foundations even further!

I learned a lot about myself and about others too through the journey last year.

I learned that I needed connection more than ever and yet I’d somehow managed to disconnect myself in so many ways, a painful lesson learned.

I learned how important it is to have the right people on Team Glin (my family, my every weather friends and my coach). Those able to help me stabilise my foundations when everything in my world was changing and those that would hold me up when needed and cheer me on the way.

I learned through lots and lots of trials and even more errors. The lessons I learned were hard won and often painful.

I had many losses of faith and the rollercoaster had more downs than it had ups.

My word for last year was growth and I hadn’t realised how painful the growing pains would be!

There were times I didn’t think I’d get out of 2018 alive - but I’m grateful I did!

Whilst it’s been one of my most challenging years mentally and emotionally it’s also been an incredibly rewarding year.

I’ve had the privilege of coaching beautiful humans and seen my coaching clients go from strength to strength achieving life changing goals and making giant leaps. Seeing their lives change for the better continues to serve as a reminder of what a privileged role I have to play and why I made the leap that I did.

I’ve seen light bulbs go off in rooms full of CFO’s and senior finance leaders when I deliver my self leadership workshops and again I feel blessed knowing the work I’m doing is helping others be better versions of themselves.

I’ve always known I can’t lead others further than I’ve been able to go myself and I understand why I’ve needed to experience the pain and fear of failing so I could move through it, discover the tools needed and then share them with others to do the same.

As I look ahead to 2019 I’m excited.

I have goals I want to achieve for sure and I know I’ll be using all the lessons learned from 2018 as well as leveraging Team Glin to help achieve them.

But I’m also excited for the unknown - so much can change in the most unexpected way and it’s that uncertainty of the journey that I’m learning to embrace.

To be adaptable and to welcome change and to leap with joy, to accept the uncertainty of where exactly I’ll land and trust that the net will appear!

As you look forward to the year ahead don’t forget to set your goals so you know where you are headed and get the support team you need to help you reach them.

But mostly allow yourself to embrace the journey and all the surprises it brings!

Ready yourself for the adventure and let it begin!

Onwards my friends.