SG078 - Love

What kills one, kills us all.

The terrorist attacks in Christchurch New Zealand this week were a reminder for me on how much work each of us has to do to help the world find more compassion and love.

It saddens me that there is such hatred and intolerance for other human beings.

We are one, though we may see ourselves as separate, if only we could see that hurting others is really the same as hurting ourselves.

I don’t have many words to share this week other than a deep gratitude for the breath that I get to take each and everyday and for the love of my family and friends.

As I think of all those families that have lost loved ones I’m reminded that the gift of life is short, one that can be taken in a heartbeat.

I recognise the responsibility each of us has to leave a legacy of love, to leave the world a better place than the one we entered.

I’m committed to doing my bit, I hope you will too.