SG076 - Voice of authority

When you think about your influence do you ever wonder about how much you have and what to do to cultivate it?

When you think about a person of influence who comes to mind?

I’ve had the privilege of spending three days at a speaker conference in the Gold Coast listening, watching and learning from people who are best in their industries at what they do.

I was particularly inspired by Julie Masters Co-founder of ODE Management, the worlds largest dedicated speaker management agency and the founder of the Inside Influence podcast.

This week I’ll share my key take outs from that session….

What’s your motivation?

The first thing about influence is understanding your motivation - why do you want it? Is it for the applause or is it because you’ve developed mastery in your area of expertise and seek to add value? Are you fuelled by the number of likes you get or do you show up consistently developing yourself, learning more and sharing more with others as you build your knowledge?

When your motivation comes from seeking the applause you’ll learn very quickly that your staying power and likelihood of success is greatly diminished. Starting out in an new area of interest requires discipline and if that discipline is reliant on external recognition to fuel it then it’s vulnerable to outside influences.

What you must understand first it that influence is an inside job. When you begin to understand your own inside influence you begin to tame the question - ‘Who do you think you are?” You know, the one question that is always asked by one of the voices in your head.

So when it comes to influence what do we need to know?

Recognise that there are three levels of influence.

  1. Inside Influence - as mentioned above this is about understanding how you tame your own inner critic.

  2. Interpersonal influence - this is about how you leave other people feeling after you speak to them.

  3. Industry Influence - this is where you begin to see the level of influence you have in your industry and beyond, perhaps enough to start a movement.

We are currently in a new age of influence - where the power pyramid has been flipped - more and more individuals can have greater influence than governments, political figures or even corporate organisations .

Take Twitter followers….

Justin Bieber - 100M+

Obama - 90M+

Trump - 60M+

CNN - 40M+

Fascinating that more people want to hear what Justin Bieber is saying than are interested in CNN - this is the world of influence we are now playing in.

So how are you looking at this time as an opportunity and what comes to mind?

Choose certainty not confidence

Usually at this point the excuse begin to flow.

All the reasons why it’s easy for others because……(fill in your excuses)!

But really it’s all about our own confidence in ourselves.

Many of recognise this sentence……

“I will (fill in blank) ……………………………….. when I feel more confident”

What’s important to realise is that confidence is the result of showing up and doing something, not the cause of it.

Confidence doesn’t show up before we do - so don’t rely on it.

So if you can’t rely on confidence what do you rely on?

Communicate with certainty.

You might be asking how do I do that?

Well it means showing up and giving others the best of what you have at that time. That’s what you can be certain of, your own commitment to give what you have to give.

As you build mastery in your subject of interest the better you become at giving. Focus on what you contribute to others and the value you add.

Many of us worry that we have to come up with new ideas and create things that have never been created before - but it doesn’t have to be that way to have influence.

Knowledge isn’t the issue for us any more - we have access to abundance of it. The influence you can have is how you translate that knowledge to make it easy for people to digest - that’s where the value is.

Out-contribute others in your area of passion be the voice of authority because you care enough to make it easy for others to get.

When you think about influence remember it’s an inside job.