SG082 - Your beliefs make you

“First you make your beliefs, then your beliefs make you, and then the world matches what you believe” - Marissa Peer

Consider this……

As a baby when you came into this world you didn’t have any pre-conceived ideas about the person you were. You didn’t consider that you weren’t enough, you had all the confidence needed to be you and you had no qualms in making clear what you wanted.

When you were hungry you cried and got fed. When you wanted to be picked up you made it known and when you learned to walk you didn’t give up and even though you fell over many times, in yours efforts to succeed you didn’t think ‘well there’s no point to this, I’m never going to be able to do it”.

You weren’t born judging yourself - telling yourself your cheeks were too chubby or your bottom was too squidgy and worried about how you looked in the colour yellow?

You didn’t worry about what people would think about you when you cried or whether they would get annoyed with you asking for an ice-cream for the seventh time, after they’d said no the first six times. You knew what you wanted and you were willing to keep going until you got it.


Somewhere along the way as we grow older the acceptance of who we are and the innate inner confidence we are all born with gets covered over.

It happens because we all experience pain at some point early on in our lives and at that point our brains work hard to protect us and ensure we don’t feel that pain again.

For example, it could be as simple as a scenario where you got up in class to speak and your fellow class mates laughed at you because you pronounced a word wrong - you felt pain and your mind tells you that’s not a good thing so it develops your fear or lack of confidence in public speaking. It’s your mind’s way of protecting you and stopping you from feeling the pain again.

There are so many more examples of the mind’s desire to avoid pain shaping our beliefs.

Our minds are incredible powerful, and anyone who knows anything about the placebo effect will attest to the power of the mind to create its reality.

Therefore considering the opening quote, what beliefs are you carrying that are limiting you? How have those beliefs shaped the person you are now? And the life you are living?

What reality would you create if you had different beliefs?

If I were to remind you of the confident, limitless human you were when you arrived in this world what choices would you make with that human in mind?

Because the truth is we all have the power to change our reality and it begins with changing the belief that you don’t.

Onwards and upwards my friends.