SG084 - You've always had the power

I’ve always had a belief that each of us has a purpose and the synchronicity of life continues to show me that we are here to reveal our own powers so that our purpose can be fulfilled.

Looking back, I was never really a huge fan of my first name, it was unusual, and growing up I didn’t know anyone else that shared the same name.  That is until, I watched the Wizard of Oz!  I share the same name as the Good Witch of The North, albeit spelt slightly different mine being Glinder rather than Glinda.  Perhaps that was my Dad’s way of making it sound more like an Indian name, in-line with my heritage, I don’t really know.

But what I do know is that in the movie, Glinda, the Good Witch, spoke very wise words to Dorothy as she searched for her way home. “You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself” she said.

I’d watched the movie so many times growing up and it had never really occurred to me then what that sentence actually meant.  At the time, as a young girl, I just assumed the literal reference of Dorothy wearing the red shoes that held the power to take her home, only she hadn’t realised.

I didn’t realise how much spiritual reference there was in that story and the undeniable truth really being that we all have the power to make change happen in our lives and that we often don’t realise that we need to learn it for ourselves. 

Our truth isn’t something given to us it is something that we realise.

I’ve certainly realised, even more so over this last year as I took the leap to start my own business, that my passion and purpose is all about revealing the power to make change happen whether that’s in a business environment or at an individual coaching level. I’m performance focussed and I’m heart led.

The more time I spend outside the corporate world the more I’m tested and stretched, growth is often painful and it’s certainly not easy and I’m finally beginning to see what it’s all in service of.

My name sake said it, and perhaps this was the script always written for me and perhaps this was my path, but never a truer word was spoken because I too had to learn that I always had the power and that I too just needed to learn it for myself.

I’ve spent the last year doing exec coaching and leadership development programmes and I love the work I do, this year I’m adding small business financial mentoring and coaching to the mix so that I keep my brain sharp, leveraging my finance skills and I also get to take my corporate acumen and passion for human psychology into the small businesses world, helping them make sustainable change.

I can’t wait to help more people and businesses reveal their power to make change happen, help them achieve sustainable business performance and give them the freedom to follow their passions with less stress!

What power have you always had? and how are your realising it?