SG087 - Gut or Logic?

Many of us will have experienced having a gut instinct at some point in our lives, where have a hunch about something, a feeling perhaps, and we don’t know why we have it or where the hunch comes from.

It’s often experienced as a sense of knowing - it’s actually our intuition.

But I wonder how many of us actually tune into it on a daily basis? How many use the inner GPS that we have to guide the path we travel upon?

Most of us resort to logic and rational thinking when it comes to validating the choices we make and given my background in finance that’s certainly how I’ve navigated the majority of my career, but I’m beginning to pay more attention to intuition recently and my own sense of knowing when it comes to steering my life and direction.

I remember in my early twenties having a much stronger connection to intuition and often it would show up when it came to choosing which job offer to accept! Although usually afterwards my rational brain would kick in and determine a points scoring system just so I could post rationalise my choice!

On one occasion my inner voice - intuition, had told me that I was going to have an accident on the motorway but I ignored it, and later that evening I ended up experiencing a tyre blow out, spinning 180 degrees, hitting the central reservation travelling 80mph on the motorway and writing off my car - yikes, thankfully I wasn’t hurt but I did remember thinking wow I had a feeling that something was going to happen earlier that day.

As time has passed I’ve leaned into my logic brain more and more and used my intuition considerably less and I’m beginning to wonder about whether I’ve got it the right way round.

I actually don’t think I do!

There have been many big names that have attributed their success to intuition….

Steve Jobs once said — 'Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.'

Richard Branson once said: ‘I can tell you that when I have to decide whether or not to go ahead with a new venture, I have often found that intuition is my best guide.’

I’ve been thinking about the Steve Jobs quote in particular recently and wondering what it would be like if I started paying more attention to my intuition and leading from that place. I’m curious to see whether I could make more decisions and choices from that place and still succeed.

That’s not to say logic and reasoning wouldn’t be applied at all but I’m wondering if I lead with my intuition rather than logic what the results would look like and how different my experience would be.

So I’m going experiment with listening to my intuition and leading from there to see what happens.

But before I can, I’ll first I’ll have to develop my intuition again (it’s been a while since I’ve tapped in), so I’ll be doing the following to help me connect:

  1. Paying attention and listening to my inner voice - not the critic but the quieter voice, the one without an agenda, the one not worried about looking good or avoiding looking bad

  2. Continue and deepen my mindfulness practice to clear my mind of thoughts - meditating twice daily morning and evening so that I can tap into my inner self

  3. Create more space for quiet time and solitude to actually hear what’s being said - it’s hard to hear when your always in a busy environment

  4. Being more aware and observant of the environment and people around me, noticing the subtle signs that I may otherwise miss by being consumed with my thoughts

  5. Slow down, work less and find greater balance in my life so that there is room for creativity to expand the opportunity for my intuition to play.

I’m excited to see how this experiment unfolds and as I write this post it intuitively feels right - how fascinating!

Well if it worked for Steve Jobs then I’m willing to give it crack! - Will keep you posted, perhaps you’ll join me in giving this a go too - I’d be interested in what you find.