SG088 - Are your eyes open?

Are you paying attention to the changing world around you? Are you seeing the trends and beginning to see the picture being painted?

How many of you are noticing the impact that technology is having in our lives? How many of you are beginning to see what this means for the future of work?

When it comes to learning, do you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset?

This week I recorded a podcast for the Chartered Accountants Australia & New. Zealand talking about growth mindset and as I sat and reflected on the interview it dawned on me that there is a significant population of people that haven’t yet connected the dots.

I’m not just talking finance people I’m talking about anyone and everyone that hasn’t yet realised that the future of work is going to require you to take significantly more responsibility for the value you are creating.

Most people believe that starting a business is for people who have a higher risk appetite. Many believe entrepreneurs and freelancers are either brave or crazy!

Over the last year I’ve been told many times by people that they couldn’t do what I’ve done in making the leap out of a corporate job, I’ve spoken to some that would like to do it and don’t feel brave enough to take the step.

The main reason most stay where they are is the safe, secure income, the guaranteed monthly salary and the reassurance of not having to worry about where their next meal was going to come from.

But what if I said the safety that many you feel you have, is an illusion? That the future of work is going to be more disruptive than people are preparing themselves for?

What if I was to tell you that those of you sitting comfortably in your corporate jobs, not paying attention to the changing landscape are inherently more at risk than those of us that have begun to determine how we create our own value in this changing landscape?

If you haven’t noticed already perhaps you’ll start looking out for what I mean. The future of work will mean a very different labour market, technology will make a significant number of jobs redundant and whilst it will also create a whole heap more too - if your not a tech expert, a data scientist or an IT engineer it’s unlikely you’ll be jumping straight into new opportunities.

If you think you are safe and you don’t have to do anything because you have a cushy corporate job you are wrong and you may well find yourself displaced without a clue on what to do next because you got complacent about your value to others.

If you haven’t already started looking at ways to level up your skills, or how you can get in touch with your passions and determine how you could begin to offer value in a way that no-one else can then I would encourage you to do so.

The future won’t guarantee your security and therefore you need to start seeing yourself as a business owner regardless of whether you are actually running your own business or working for someone else in their business, you must start looking for ways you can contribute your unique value now.

If you thought you were done with learning I would insist that you are not - it’s imperative if you don’t want to be caught off guard that you start taking responsibility for how you might be able to pivot and adapt in this new landscape.

It’s happening around you, regardless of whether you want to acknowledge it - you get to choose the outcome you want for your life, so don’t make it someone else’s decision for you.

It’s time to open your eyes.