SG091 - Synchronicity is no coincidence

No doubt we’ve all had wonderfully synchronous moments in our lives. Say for example we’ve thought about someone in passing and then later that day have had them message us or perhaps we’ve considered buying a particular model car and when we begin look around we notice the same car everywhere around us. Or maybe it’s asking ourselves question and then randomly seeing a sign that answers it.

There are many more examples that we recognise like this but many of us will put them down to being coincidences.

What I’ve noticed more and more in my journey to following where my heart leads is that they’re not really coincidences or actually that random. I’ve learned a lot over the last few years, that has helped me really understand that what comes to me has a lot to do with my own energy and the narrative I tell myself.

In Dec 2014 when I had decided I wanted to move to Australia I remember telling everyone that I was moving even though I had no idea how it would happen. I made a decision and then committed to trusting that there would be a way. Long story short, in June 2015 only six months after my decision, I was living in Sydney.

When I made a decision to leave my corporate career to start my own business last year I had no idea exactly how I was going to find clients, I had zero clients at the time when I resigned, and I hadn’t even set up my company! There was no side hustle in advance readying me for the jump - I rather naively leaped into the deep end at the time, very much believing I would be ok. I had my first client sign up before I even finished my last day in my corporate role and it was someone I was sharing my aspirations with, not even someone I was selling to!

Now whilst this all sounds great I’m not going to pretend the journey has been easy because the truth is that the last year has been the toughest year of my life so far. I’ve had to dig deep, I’ve had to face fears, identify what exactly my success was on the other side of and toughest of all, I’ve had to live what I teach.

In the H.E.A.R.T. self leadership framework the T stands for Trust and this was one area over the last year I’ve had a particular challenge with. With a background in accounting and finance I’ve mostly dealt with degrees of certainty in my career. Whilst I recognised trust when it came to relationships with partners, friends, stakeholders etc and was very good at cultivating that, I’d never really considered the depth of trust needed in myself in this journey.

What I know about trust is that you can’t have trust when there is certainty. If you are certain something is going to happen - such as the sun rising every morning that’s not trust, it’s knowing the outcome with certainty. In my career I had lots of certainty and where I didn’t, I was able to take calculated and educated risks in decision making.

Over the last year I’ve had very little certainty, no certainty of a steady income, no certainty of clients, no certainty that people would even understand the value I had to give and no certainty that I would be able to succeed - I was doing things I’d never done before, there was no track record in this new environment.

I’ve had to lean into trust in so many ways and even though I had already experienced it in the past and seen the benefits (hence being able to develop H.E.A.R.T.) I had to re-learn how to believe in something before I could see it.

Each time I’ve believed in myself something shows up that helps me know that I was right to do so. I’ve won clients, delivered programmes and have achieved things I never thought possible.

Last weekend I gave myself permission to rest and recharge my batteries, I allowed myself to trust what my body was telling me and also trust that things would work out just fine.

This week I’ve had more come my way than I could have imagined, I’ve had several new people show up each with something of value to offer and I have options in areas I hadn’t even seen coming.

I made time to re-charge my batteries so I had fuel (energy) in my tank to move forward. I changed the narrative in my head from inner critic to inner coach to build my resilience and I leaned into trusting myself, confirming that if I wholeheartedly believed and surrendered to that belief and if I was willing to take action on that trust in myself then I’d see the effects.

And I did.

What I was reminded of was that synchronicity is no coincidence.