SG092 - Unmasking my heart

Every single human has a heart, and yet the majority of us don’t understand the power of this phenomenal organ. Yes of course it beats everyday to pump oxygen around our bodies and keep us alive and it’s likely that it’s the most efficient pump ever invented, but more than that it’s a complex organ, and one which knows significantly more about what we need for ourselves than most of us are even aware. 

Many of us, at one point or another in our lives, will feel the gentle tugging of our heart strings and experience the call to follow where it is leading.  Many of us notice the pull and whilst we desire to follow where it is leading, we stop short of doing just that. 

We’ve cultivated a life based on expectations we’ve put on ourselves and from others and often deny ourselves the opportunity do the things our heart really desires.  We tell ourselves stories like ‘it’s too late’, ‘we’ve got too many responsibilities’, that ‘it’s wishful thinking’, or that heart led living ‘is for other people’.  The truth is we work so hard to fit into this world that we often deny ourselves the essence of who we really are.  

We take on social and society norms, we make choices based on expectations of others and we live our lives running on the same treadmill that everyone has chosen and convince ourselves it’s what we want too.

The reality of unmasking our heart can become quite scary, it requires us to really think about what we want and whether we are prepared to go for it.  It’s a struggle many of us will recognise and perhap wrestle with on a daily basis. 

Sometimes the courage to unmask comes from that gentle tug on the heart strings getting a lot stronger, other times it’s because our world has been thrown a curve ball, perhaps through illness or loss, and the only way to make sense of life is to start listening to our hearts.

Too often we’ve put a veil around our hearts, hiding what we desire and accepting a life where we don’t have to see what our heart knows to be true, not only about what we desire but who we are too.

Unmasking our hearts is finally allowing ourselves to feel, breathe, find freedom and acceptance in who we are and being able to acknowledge our hearts passion.

There is a reason why we say things like ‘my heart’s not in it’ and it’s because each of us have an intuitive knowing about where our hearts should be.  When we begin understanding where our heart is, we discover where our deepest passion lies. 

So ask yourself - where is your heart right now? 

And, are you there too?

We can often find ourselves telling other people to follow where their hearts are leading, but do we really understand how they should go about doing that and do we even know for ourselves?  We know intuitively that it’s the right thing to say because somewhere deep inside each and every one of us there is a deep understanding of this truth even if many don’t follow it.

If we were to ask ourselves who are we at heart, each of us would know the answer to this question for ourselves but most of us have covered over who we are with the expectations and opinions of others and the stories we tell ourselves of our place within our society.  We hold on to external labels to help identify ourselves and to create and understanding of where we might fit in a social or professional hierarchy.

Deep inside our hearts we know when we are being our true selves, deep inside our hearts there is a knowing of when we are masking who we are and the desires we have for our life.

I’ve been writing this blog each week since Oct 2017 and it’s taken me some time to actually realise that this blog is my way of sharing the journey unmasking of my heart. A way of acknowledging the truths that I’ve learned along the way with the intention of helping others discover theirs. I too have found myself at times being pulled by others to go in a certain direction, to be a certain way, or show up in a way that helps other put me in a box. But what I’ve learned over the years is that whilst it might seem easier at the time to go in the direction of the masses ultimately your heart will continue to tug and call for you to pay attention.

There is nothing more daunting than to follow where your heart leads, however, given this one precious life we have, the risk of not following where it leads is probably significantly greater to the detriment of one’s well-being.

Many will worry about the shame and the potential regrets of failing but the real shame and regret begins with never trying - you only have to speak to those taking their last breaths and you’ll learn of the regrets of the chances they never took.

As I ponder this thought….

  1. A good book that comes to mind is: The Monk who Sold his Ferrari - Robin Sharma

  2. A quote that may help is: “There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions in a way that serves the world and you” – Richard Branson

  3. A podcast worth a listen is: Unstoppable by Kerwin Rae - Episode with with Bill Bennet on Unlocking the Power of Intuition

If you’re not where your heart is and you’d like to learn more about unmasking your heart, I’m introducing jumpstart coaching - in three sessions I’ll help you:

  1. Remove your mask

  2. Reconnect to yourself

  3. Reveal your truth

If you’re interested in learning more then I’d love to hear from you.