SG095 - Sometimes you have to borrow trust

Embarking on anything new can feel a little scary and uncertain and it can be hard to trust in your capacity to succeed when you don’t have any prior data points.

And that’s the thing, trust is a really hard thing to do. Data points give us levels of certainty and trust is about believing in something with no certainty at all.

Now I’m not really talking about the kind of trust we have in others or the trust we have in relationships or perhaps the trust in an organisation. I’m talking about the trust in yourself.

The kind of trust that should be unconditional and unwaivering.

Some may even recognise this level trust to be what we call faith, having complete and absolute trust.

Trust in ourselves is something many of us lack. Most of us convince ourselves we have it but actually what we seek to find is areas of certainty that we can lean on and then call it trust.

In my H.E.A.R.T. self leadership framework the T stands for Trust and it’s the hardest one for people to master - myself included - it’s a lifetime discipline if you want to get better.

What I’ve noticed through my coaching and workshops is that people sometimes have to borrow trust until they become to know it for themselves.

When I point out what I see in the capabilities of the people I coach as well as those that I work with in workshops, and share the beliefs I have in them, I see how they borrow this trust I have in their abilities and transform it into filling their own trust buckets.

I see how it propels them to take action for themselves that they otherwise wouldn’t have taken.

Having cheerleaders really does help cultivate your own trust. Having others that you trust point out their belief in you, and what they see to be your capabilities and potential is a great way to fill your trust bucket when you are low.

Sometimes you have to borrow trust from others to begin to learn it for yourself.

So if you are feeling low on trust in yourself - who could you kindly borrow from today?