SG094 - Why the increments matter

“Your days are your life in miniature” - Robin Sharma

If you want to transform your life then you have to start changing what you do on daily basis.

Too many people have wonderful dreams that they aspire to make true but stop short of taking consistent daily action towards them.

Too many people have the chance to truly make a difference in this world but get ‘busy being busy’. Falling into an unconscious state of living, following the same routine and failing to create space and time to go after their real passions.

We’re in a world that is addicted to being entertained - count how many hours you lose a week on social media - I’ll have a guess it’s at least an hour a day, so a minimum of 7hrs a week and most likely more?

If you don’t believe me, start adding up how many times a day you check instagram, facebook or linkedin and all the other wonderful time suckers out there?

How many times are you just scrolling through the feed with no real reason other than to ‘check in’ on what’s happening?

What if you traded your social media addiction with another addiction?

Imagine if you were to trade some of your daily time on social media and dedicate it to the passion project you’ve always wanted to do - write that book, learn to dance, learn a new language, research the business you want to start, plan that big trip you’ve always wanted to take and so much more.

Imagine if you were to take small, seemingly insignificant, actions daily with a single minded focus towards that one project - what would you achieve in 30days, 6mths, 1yr?

Imagine if you became addicted to dedicating some time everyday to creating results that mattered to you.

Imagine cultivating a daily habit that could transform your whole life.

Imagine if it just started today with one small increment of your time.

What would you do? What would your life look like?

As Robin Sharma says '“Your days are your life in miniature” so I ask - what’s the life you want in your day?