SG104 - Sometimes it's just about showing up for yourself

Most of us are good at showing up for other people, being there for them when they need, doing things for others ahead of ourselves. It’s easy to hold ourselves accountable for commitments we make to others but so easy to let go of the commitments we make to ourselves.

Why is that? Why do we consistently demonstrate that it’s ok to let ourselves down but we mustn’t let others down?

Why do we let our commitments to ourselves be so loose but with others be so firm?

Why do we tell ourselves it’s ok for us not to do something that we commit to when there is nobody else holding us to account?

I’m in San Francisco having some downtime with family this week and I just realised it’s Sunday night here (Monday in Sydney) and I hand’t written my blog on a Sunday afternoon like I usually do.

This evening I started to tell myself a story, that it didn’t matter, that nobody cared whether I missed a week (even though I haven’t in two whole years). I told myself that I was tired and it was ok to not do it. All of this could be true.

But what I realised was that I committed to showing up, every week, regardless of whether I felt like it because it matters. It matters because I matter, it matter because you matter, It matters because sometimes regardless of who else is or isn’t witnessing your life it’s just about showing up for yourself.

This is me showing up for me and showing up for you.

So the message this week is that I hope you’ll do something that is about showing up for yourself too - why? Because it matters, it matters because you matter.