"You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself." 

Glinda (The Good Witch) - Wizard of Oz




Have you ever struggled to make changes in your life?

Have you ever known what you wanted to do, but found it hard to take action?

Well, you’re not alone. For many people, the difference between knowing and doing can be huge.

Big enough to stop your efforts to change in their tracks.

And that’s why we’re here – to help you make real and lasting change.

We work with you to close the gap between knowing and doing. To help you understand why you sometimes resist change and what to do about it. And to support you in improving your performance and achieving the results you’re looking for. (Or maybe the results you haven’t thought of yet.)

For you or for your organisation – self-leadership is the key to successful change.

And we’ll help you get there. Every step of the way.

“At SimplyGlin our purpose is to reveal your power to make change happen, simply one heart at a time.” – Glin Bayley, Founder

“At SimplyGlin our purpose is to reveal your power to make change happen, simply one heart at a time.” – Glin Bayley, Founder



Do you need greater clarity and support in making more powerful choices for a fulfilling and meaningful life?



Do you want to improve business performance and create value through a clear business strategy and elevated leadership capability?


Why work with us?

Hi, I’m Glin Bayley, Founder of Simply Glin.

I’m a Conscious Finance Officer (CFO) and my personal passion is for developing a “World Without Masks” which means us giving the unique gift of who we really are to ourselves, and to everyone we meet. This led to the development of the H.E.A.R.T. framework for Self-Leadership because until you better understand yourself and what you need to make change happen you are unlikely to be able to help others in your personal and professional lives achieve the same. I believe many of us spend our lives longing to be the best version of ourselves, but we don’t always know how to find the power to do that.

Want to know more about me? I write a weekly blog sharing my own life lessons and observations. I want to help you, by giving the best of me.

Nothing fancy, just real.

Still want to know more?


How do we work?

The H.E.A.R.T. framework is different because it applies both professionally and personally, it’s the foundation of everything we’ll do together.

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I cannot thank Glin enough for the courage and inspiration she provided me through our coaching sessions. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Glin to anyone who is looking for the “right person” to get them on the “right track”. I was lost in my career path and also a little wayward in my life and through her leading by example and being willing to share her skills, knowledge and expertise, I was able to see clearly, define my goals and the plan on how to get to them.

Glin has many strengths, most of all she has integrity. She gives advice based on experience, listens and helped me learn. She has a strong desire to help others succeed and every interaction with Glin is a positive experience. I especially loved that our sessions were not “airy-fairy” and that she also wants you to succeed and be independent through guidance and constructive feedback.

Glin communicates hope and optimism and helps you set and meet your ongoing professional goals. I’m grateful that I am able to experience my interactions with Glin and the outcomes that are already unfolding for my career and life through the few sessions that I have taken under her guidance.
I met Glin when I was looking for coaching to help me develop skills I needed in my (then) current role. While we were working together, my professional journey took an unexpected turn. It was great to have her in my corner during what was quite a challenging time in my life.

What I value most about my experience with Glin is the way she blends her commercial and practical experience with warm, authentic conversations that really come from the heart. She helped me reach some insights about where I wanted to go, and to put in place a framework to help me get there. I appreciate her generosity with her time and ideas, which have really helped me begin the next stage of my career.
Glin’s open heart and honest conversations have helped me to continue to grow when I could so easily have lost myself.






"The greatest challenge in life is discovering who you are, the second greatest challenge is being happy with what you find."  - Unknown